Talk about a loaded word.

When I first began reading style blogs, I noticed that few women dressed like me. As an Orthodox Jew, I follow certain restrictions regarding clothing: skirts or loose pants, sleeves to the elbow, and nothing too low-cut. I've changed my policies a bit-- you'll notice that I used to wear a headcovering when outside my home, whether a scarf, hat, or wig, but lately have gone unhatted. Though I follow these rules relatively strictly, modesty is a bit like the pink elephant around here. While my style isn't risque, it isn't classically modest, either. I use color, pattern, and sometimes outlandish combinations to mix things up, rather than purchasing looks wholesale from the style guides many Orthodox women seem to follow. You see, I'm on a mission: to make the restrictions the last thing people notice when I walk down the street. I'd much rather you see an inventive use of contrasting colors or textural elements than the fact that I'm the only one wearing long sleeves in August.

 To learn more about my pink elephant, visit the excellent resources below:
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