{sweater: J. Crew Factory // skirt: Max Studio Jeans // booties: Bamboo // earrings: craft fair in Tel Aviv }

My life right now consists of a lot of floor time, giggling and cooing with our nearly 4-month-old bub. I think I need to just accept wrinkles as an occupational hazard. We're still transitioning to warm weather here, hence the sweater + booties + bare legs (!) combination.

And here you have my favorite hair-do of late. I often shower at night after baby is asleep, and wake up with crazy hair that needs taming. This look has been my salvation: french-braid and pin back the front, pull out a strand or two, and stick the rest of it in a bun. Takes about 30 seconds, stays all day, and I don't look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket. Win.


Shey said...

Nina you look great, like, I can't even tell you just has a baby. I can see your little one in the picture! That is an easy hairdo, I used to always do it and people thought it was complicated because it looks nice hehe :)

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