Spring. Maybe.

 {striped dress: BCBG via Ross // sandals: Lucky Brand // jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans // necklace: Banana Republic via hubs }

Yesterday certainly felt like spring, but I've been fooled several times now over the past month. Holding my horses over here. I've been loving the maxi dress now that btd is playing on the floor, and this stripey number actually has sleeves long enough to wear on its own. Since it was still a bit chilly I paired it with the jean jacket (not my first choice, but I couldn't find the one I wanted to wear. It was on the couch. My brain and I need to have a little chat).

Wearing this dress felt like celebrating the body I currently have, flabby bits and all. No hiding behind stiff fabric or a smoothing tank top, just me and the softly flowing jersey. Coming to terms with my postpartum figure, with its wider hips, larger bust and doughy stomach is taking time, but it felt rather freeing to embrace it in this body-conscious look. My body has done some pretty fantastic things over the past year and I'm learning to embrace it.


tia_cherie said...

I remember you! So pleased I came across your blog again. I think you look fabulous. Stripes is always a great look and I adore the pop of colour


oranges_and_apples said...

I love the dress, I'm wearing lots of jersey too!

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