Leather Pencil

 {purple leather pencil skirt: DKNY via ebay // cream blouse: Lohemann's // grey cardigan: H&M // black tights: Hue // black flats: Nine West }

Our first Saturday back in synagogue with the baby, and out to lunch at friends afterward. It has been so nice to settle back into our social life with baby in tow! He loves crowds, and is generally well-behaved (and super sleepy) when we're out. I may just need to invite 30 people every night at bedtime.


Chandra said...

You're looking great, Nina! It's a good thing your son loves crowds; his chubby cheeks are just precious. I was looking at your pics on Instagram and he is so cute! Congratulations!


Shey said...

you look amazing for just having had a baby!

Hannah said...

So gorgeous, I am loving that shirt! :)

Natalie said...

I was going to say, uh, didn't you just have a baby?! Hello! Looking good! Glad to hear life is good with the little one.

Anthea said...

OMG your leather pencil skirt is so amazing! LOVE.

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