Weeks 37-39

A few last licks of pregnancy before venturing into the scary waters of postpartum style blogging.

{camel pullover: Old Navy Maternity // jean skirt: maternity basement boutique // sweater tights: Hue // caramel booties: Bamboo via Marshall's // flower earrings: F21 }

{emerald sweater: H&M // leopard skirt: Asos Maternity // black tights: H&M // caramel booties: Bamboo // cameo necklace: gift from Mom }
and finally, the day before going into labor (3.5 days before the baby was born. Yep, I was in labor for two and a half days. Fun!)
{striped tee: H&M Maternity // skirt: Daffy's (RIP) // sweater tights: Hue // booties: Bamboo // heart locket necklace: Urban Outfitters // scarf: Israel // beanie: H&M }


Hannah said...

I really love the third look :)

Hannah Avery said...

I really love the outfit with the striped top! Congratulations on the new baby!

-Hannah Avery


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