Warm and Sequined

{sparkle dress: Sweet Romeo via Loehmann's // white stretchy tee: H&M // grey sweater vest: Urban Outfitters // black tights: MeMoi maternity // booties: Bamboo via Marshall's // belt: Goodwill Outlet // earrings: craft fair in Tel Aviv }

This outfit was the result of looking through my closet and wondering: "Hey, does __ still fit?" Thankfully, the answer was (mostly) yes, at least for this outfit. I chose the glitz for a day at the library, but it turned out that I had forgotten about the history department's holiday party that evening, so I was appropriately (if unexpectedly) dressed for the occasion. Say hello to my new booties: they were $10, will most likely fall apart soon, and I love them. I guess all good things must come to an end at some point, so don't be alarmed if you catch me wearing the heck out of these while they last.


Iris said...

I would be so excite to wear something party appropriate without even realizing I had somewhere to be :) Love the whole ensemble!

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