Grecian Urn

{maxi: Olian Maternity via basement boutique // cardigan: Target Maternity // scarf: gifted by cousin // booties: Target // earrings: gift from hubs // necklace: Loft}

This might just be the most comfortable outfit I've ever worn. Call it a glorified nightgown, but this jersey dress is so soft that I may just continue wearing it after babytumbledown graces us with his/her arrival. 


Li said...

You look lovely! A million miles tall in that dress.
And I looooove a jersey maxi dress. It's like wearing pjs all day long. Comfy and forgiving-- what's not to love?

Katharina said...

Ode on a Grecian Urn, rather. ;) You look fabulous! Isn't it great that one can look so classy with feeling comfy? More of that, please!

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