Tired. But Still Mixing.

{ striped dress: Calvin Klein // flowered cardigan: Anthropologie // black tights: George // black boots: Enzo Angolioni // locket necklace: Ann Taylor }

If I look tired in the photos above, it is just because they were taken at 12:30 AM. After getting 5 hours of sleep the night before. And attending an engagement party. Oh, and driving from NY to Philly. Just a regular Sunday around these parts.

I haven't pattern mixed recently, but this outfit brought me back. Bold, bright, striped and flowered? Count me in.

PS: If you're in NY, you need to see this.  It was at once the most bizarre and most interesting experience I've ever had.


Rebecca said...

I like the striped dress. Your hair is getting long!

Latterdaystyle said...

love love love this look, the cardigan expeshially!

--heather anderson @latterdaystyleblog.blogspot.com

Trinnah said...

I love your flower cardigan! :) It's a great piece!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Love this! Great mixing of pattern. It can look so garish, so I love the way this turned out.

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