Things I learned today: 
-Getting a 100 on your permit exam for the second time is not something to be proud of. A license is. Need to get on that, stat.
- Raspberry cheesecake froyo with mango on top = heaven.
- Malls in Chinatown (Queens, not Manhattan) are like nothing I've experienced before. I now imagine that all large Chinese cities are full of tiny little stores selling cellphone trinkets.
- It is possible to cook unsoaked dry beans in 90 minutes. We tried garbanzos with olive oil, thyme and garlic. We ate them with sauteed kale, baby heirloom tomatoes and turkey breast on a whole wheat wrap. Mmmm.
-My iphone takes not-too-shabby blog photos.
* black and white striped sweater-- Romeo & Juliet Couture * black pencil skirt-- American Apparel * black flats-- Kensi Girl * anorak-- Kenneth Cole * beaded necklaces-- H&M * embellished black knit hat-- random tchotchke store * floral bag-- Anne Klein *
I usually steer clear of all-black, but was in the mood to be moody today. As best I can, that is (white stripes, floral bag, beads on shoes, necklace and hat. Whoops.) I was also in the mood to repeat yesterday's outfit in a different color, apparently.


Autumn said...

Congratulations on your permit!

my first giveaway 

Chandra @ShiftC said...

It was rainy here (California), too, and I also wore all black. Well, I broke up the black with a bold color tank and stripes just like yours!


oranges_and_apples said...

oh, an american with driving licence issues, how unusual! I do have a licence but haven't driven in 6 years! I won't even pretend to learn again though, i have no reason to living withion walking distance of everything. God luck with yours! 

Rebecca said...

I like the all black and white look, and your iPhone does take pretty good pictures!

Rebecca Schorr said...

 Nice outfit. And some interesting tips that you picked up while on your wanderings.

The new blog look is fun ;)

Erica Ricks said...

I wore all black today as well except for my red, polka-dot shoes. Something about rain always makes me wear black or grey. Also, the malls in Manhattan Chinatown are pretty sweet too. A little claustrophobic but full of crazy stuff.

North Meets South

Iris said...

Unfortunately I don't think I could ever live in an outer borough without a car. A licence was a must the minute I could get one.

That sweater definitely matched my mood while it was raining buckets!

Chloe Austyn Holley said...

 Oh my goodness. I was waiting for my carpool buddy to get out of a meeting at a Starbucks, but I am two doors down from a fro yo shop. New dinner plans! :D

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