Twenty Luftballoons

Because thankfully, this challenge will end way before 99. And I just love that song. In case you're wondering why this is outfit 20 and not 19, so am I. Where did my pictures for 19 go? A question for the ages.
* white Banana Republic tunic * grey H&M grandpa cardigan * brown Banana Republic pencil skirt * brown Studio Polini boots *
*brown sparkle tights--Cynthia Rowley * creme belt -- UO * leopard beret-- H&M *
This outfit is pretty much my take on office wear: white button down (this time, a tunic), cardigan, pencil skirt, fun touches like the wide patent belt and leopard chapeau. During my 30, I've come to realize how essential these brown boots are to my life. I wear them with black, navy, grey and all other colors, and they somehow blend in just perfectly. The rich chocolaty brown is sadly getting a little scuffed at the toes, but I still love them. (How much? I even polished them. A first for me, but I now have plans to polish all of hubs' shoes. Just as soon as I submit my grad school apps..)

On a different note entirely: I've really fallen hard for a feature in this month's Lucky entitled What Works at Work, and particularly for the "Risk Taker" outfit:
I am just loving the combination of saturated colors, and have been seeking out vibrantly colored pencil skirts for the past few days, dreaming of adding rich emerald green and sapphire blue to my new ruby red.
Any ideas on resources less spendy than J. Crew?


Linda W said...

I am in love with that cardigan! So long and stylish!
Will the answer to that question remain lost forever? Or will we see #19?
The Auspicious Life

heidiluxe said...

i think that belt makes this outfit perfect.

Jen said...

Your accessories grabbed me first. Love that belt, WANT that belt. (No pressure) And the hat! I keep getting inspired to try my hand . . . head at it again. I'm such a dork. After I oohed and awed at your accessories, I saw your outfit and it's so fab!

Added you to my blogroll. Have a pretty weekend!

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