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Though I work in a museum, I rarely don outfits that make me feel as though I do. When I put this on, however, I immediately felt like I belonged on the cover of our brochure. The combination of the trousers, s patterned silky blouse, dainty earrings and beret just screamed arts nonprofit to me for some reason. Sadly, my boss didn't promote me on the spot for the outfit alone.
* silk blouse--Michael Kors * grey cardigan--Express * grey trousers--F21 * navy pointy flats--Steve Madden * bracelet--found in Mom's house * blue topaz ring--Overstock * lace earrings-gift from hubs * black cotton beret--Parkhurst*
Does anyone else loving wearing the same item of clothing 2 days in a row? I am not sure why picking up this cardigan that I wore the day before was easier than thinking of a new one, but it happens pretty often. Yesterday turned out to be pretty crazy. We ended up with over 900 visitors to the museum. Giving a tour to 100 at a time can be a challenge, but I actually enjoy it quite a bit- a nice change from our usual smaller tours of 5-10 people. Today we debuted a new schedule with 3 seperate visitor experiences, and Wed night is the museum's gala. My prediction? I will crash pretty hard on Friday... and catch up on all of my tv.
When dressing for work, what factors do you take into account? Do you dress for your workplace, for yourself, or something in between?


Sidewalk Chalk said...

You do look quite spiffy and elegant!

My job is so casual, that I usually just dress for myself and comfort, since I'm sitting at a computer most of time.

Good luck with your busy week, friend!

BakerGirl said...

When I used to work in a professional environment I always felt I should get promoted just based on my outfits... Unfortunately none of my bosses agreed.


Ilona said...

You really look like an artist of the 70ies - I like it!

I'm lucky and may wear almost everything I want at work. I work at a university library for philosophical literature of the Renaissance and Middle Ages and I wouldn't manage to scare away the visitors by looking weird even if I wanted to...

However, where I live not all kinds of headscarves are considered appropriate for working in public institutions, so I keep to variations that won't get me into trouble (or use caps, snoods, hats...). Besides, climbing a ladder just ain't fun in all of my skirts and dresses, so I reserve some of them for free time.

orchidsinbuttonholes said...

I adore this look - the draping and silhouette are just fantastic, and I love the details, like the bright print, the glossy belt and the row of buttons on that great long cardi. You look amazing!

Apple said...

I love wearing the same thing twice or more! Get some use out of it!

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