Of Wires and Books

Whew! What an amazing weekend. After going to the beach for the first and most likely last time all summer and consuming my body weight in hot dogs, I am happy.
The list:
-black pirate shirt, Banana Republic
-pink skirt, Gap
-plaid flats, Payless
-cameo, gift from Mom
-scarf, stolen from Mom
This is what I wore on Thursday to work, to dinner with friends and then to a birthday party at an adorable rooftop bar in Koreatown. Since the heat was back in full force, simple cotton pieces got me through the fun but tiringly long day. I then channeled the outfit into a table setting for Shabbos dinner on Friday night:
Here you can see our latest project, the "chandelier." Having light at our table is a nice change. Now we just need to figure out a good hiding place for all the wires hanging out around the dining area...


Justice Pirate said...

I was wondering if you could check out the Christian Modesty/Purity organization that I run called Ruby-Eyed Okapi. We hope that you can read and comment and spread the news to your friends as well.

rivster said...

Great outfit!!! Did you guys make the chandelier? I stand in amazement of those who are artistic.

starlight said...

You often wear the cameo necklace your mom gave you and it's super stunning. Do you know where she bought it? A lot of stores are carrying cameos right now and I'd love to get one, but the ones they're showing look super fake and tacky.

Btw, my name is Adina Kastner and I'm a fan of your blog!

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love that skirt and I can picture it with an olive sweater (read that on Lucky) it would look beautiful! =)
I ate my body weight in pizza hehe

Destined For Now said...

Ohmygoodness...I love your table setting and the chandelier! So lovely. And tell me about eating too much. I think I didn't stop eating all weekend.

alltumbledown said...

Rivster- I wish! It is from urban outfitters-- we attached it to the ceiling with the lamp cord kit from UO and got a piece from the hardware store to cover up the wire on the ceiling. I love it!

Starlight-- my mother bought it in a boutique in Israel years ago. I'd search on ebay for a sweet vintage cameo if you're in the market!

Shey- I also saw the piece about pink and olive and thought it was so pretty!

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