Before Summer Turned to Fall

... I wore this. I realized at some point last week that my days wearing the fedora were limited, so I rocked it pretty much every.single.day (and for once, I am not ashamed to admit it.) Thanks to Kristin for reminding me of my first description of this and other fantastic hats, like the one she recently purchased-- "fedorable." That might just sum up my sartorial summer.
The list:
-green dress, H&M
-argyle flats, CL by Chinese Laundry
-braided metallic belt, Gap
-doorknocker earrings, UO
-parrot fedora, Eugenia Kim for Target
Thank you all for your holiday wishes. Though I was without my beloved internet for 3 whole days, Trivial Pursuit kept me plenty entertained. I'm still nursing a few cases of the Moops, sadly.
I don't wear these doorknocker earrings too often, but I always feel fun and a bit quirky when I do. Something about the loud bling of huge hoop earrings paired with a relatively tame outfit is magical to me.  Sure, they're tacky... but sometimes, that is just part of the game.


Kristin said...

my husband and I were playing Trivial Pursuit this weekend! And yes, we had a "Moops" moment :o)

This leafy green is so lovely on you, and of course, the hat is fedorable!

Destined For Now said...

I love green and that dress looks so good. I'm trying to enjoy wearing my summer hats before it's fall too.

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