Sorry for the little hiatus. Sometimes, you just need a little blogging break to get re-inspired. These pictures are from last week on yet another scorching day. Deodorant, I think I love you.
The list:
-black maxi dress, As U Wish (After checking the label, I now think this dress is meant for 12 year olds. Whoops.)
-blue cardigan, White + Warren
-gladiator sandals, Target
-earrings, gift from coworker
-parrot fedora, Eugenia Kim for Target
-sunnies, H&M
I also wore this outfit to go up to the sleepaway camp I attended for 10 summers this past Sunday with just a change of earrings (see above. Hi, Gabs!)We left at 7 AM for the 4-hour drive; thinking of a new outfit was beyond me. Ah, the joys of rewearing.
Last week's iteration on left, Sunday's on right

Were you a camp kid? How did you spend your childhood summers?


Jen said...

i'm in love with how you wore this maxi dress and that fedora is too perfect. and i agree, deodorant is a life saver in the summer heat! :P

Emily Kennedy said...

I was not normally a camp kid during the summers. I think I went once, and loved it, but my parents said it was usually too expensive.

So during the summers, or most that I can remember, I stayed home and babysat my brothers. My mom only worked until 3 pm usually, so it's not like we were completely deserted all day.

closet365 said...

I always wanted to go to summer camp, but no one really sends their kids to camp where I'm from. I had to live vicariously through books and movies. But my family camped a lot, so I guess that made up for it.

Love the outfit. Hope the heat lets up soon!

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