Tell My Fortune

Ok, I am starting to get the hang of this flickr thing. Except I resized my images a little small, so apologies for the fuzz. Yesterday we finally went to pick out pictures for our wedding album, so hopefully by the time our second anniversary comes around this summer we'll have something to prove that the wedding actually happened.
The list:
-pink rhinestone tank, Urban Outfitters
-creme cardigan, Spring + Mercer
-brown pencil skirt, Banana Republic
-leopard t straps, Jeffrey Taylor
-studded skinny belt, ebay
-bead hoops, Lohemann's
A few weeks ago, S. from academichic started an interesting discussion about cultural appropriation and clothing.  It is something I think of occasionally, but never moreso than when I wear a scarf tied "gypsy" style as I did yesterday (you may have realized that I've been posting everything a day off, so yesterday's photos are the ones you see here.) In fact, as I walked down the street to take my pictures, a man asked me if I would tell his fortune. Creepy, yes, but also made me acutely aware of the ways in which it can be interpreted. I wear the scarf headcover for religious reasons, but I need to recognize that choosing to tie it in this fashion will suggest costume to some, and inappropriate appropriation to others. I wear this style mostly for ease and comfort, but do find that I often pair it with large earrings and heavy eyeliner, playing into the stereotype somewhat.

Weighty theories aside, I loved this outfit. The pink, brown and creme ensemble came together quickly, and I love how the gold elements make the disparate elements and patterns cohesive. Plus the leopard shoes just make every day fun.
The flowers next to me as I was taking pictures matched my outfit so nicely that I took a few shots of them, too.


closet365 said...

Here I was just admiring the coral/brown combo over at Academic Chic myself. It looks fab on you. and I dig the head scarf. Gypsy chic is a favorite look of mine.

Apostolica said...

I also read the discourse on academichic with interest. I'm a Caucasian of Irish/Scottish/English/German descent, and I don't have a strong emotional connection to my cultural heritage, or the appropriation thereof. If someone wants to wear a kilt or leiderhosen, it's ok with me!

As an Apostolic Pentecostal, I think it's cool when people appropriate my church culture. I've created many prom and wedding 'dos for people who wanted "Big Pentecostal Hair" on their special day. Colleagues will come up to me on Casual Friday at work wearing a t-shirt, cardigan, denim pencil skirt and ballet flats and say "Look! I dressed Apostolic today!" I appreciate the homage. I'm glad people think we, as a culture, have a style worth emulating!

P.S. Cute outfit, as usual!

Modesty is Pretty said...

You know,I thought about you on Sunday and one of the Sunday school presenters mentioned she wears hats or scarves because she finds that these are more modest than our regular see-through veils that we use to cover our hair,she also mentioned that she wears hats/scarves everywhere. She wasn't saying we should change the veils or anything she just happened to mention it and I think it's beautiful that she loves to cover her hair and I admire people who choose to dress a certain way because they love what they believe in. I love the way you wear your scarves on your hair, and I never even thought about being gypsy. =)

Imogen said...

I love the colour combination of this outfit and your shoes are amazing.

Destined For Now said...

What interesting observations you have made. I'm glad you dress how you want to though, especially when it's looks as cute as it does.

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