Floral Week Begins

For once I actually stayed in my Saturday outfit long enough to take pictures after Shabbos ended (well, the hat was lying around, so I put it back on.) This weekend we had hub's cousin's Bar Mitzvah, and had another cousin+husband+baby stay at our apartment for the festivities. They seriously have the most adorable baby ever. Don't believe me? Check her out:
I know, you agree now.
The list:
-creme dress, ___ (will look when I get home!)
-camel skirt, H&M
-flat sandals, Vera Wang for Kohl's
-cameo necklace, gift from Mom
-off white flowered hat, Sherel's
Yesterday, Kjrsten called for a Floral Week in honor of the arrival of spring. How perfect, since this was next up on my blogging queue? I'll be working florals this whole week, trying to coax spring into being.I rarely think of a theme when getting dressed-- in fact, it is usually more like a mad dash to the door since I'm late for work. Perhaps being a bit more planned out will make getting ready easier? I'll let you know!
This outfit was definitely simple, but I like the elegance of a breezy dress with the floral hat. This is definitely not an everyday topper, but I love whipping it out occasionally with a simple outfit to really make a statement. As you've seen on the blog before, I made a shorter hem length modest by sticking a skirt underneath (in this case, I wore it over the slip layer so you could see the color through the silk overlayer.) I rather like the uneven flowy hem peeking through at the bottom of the dress.
Sadly, these shoes got bruised badly on this, their inaugural wear. I think I'll try and get a refund at Kohl's-- things shouldn't get so awfully scratched with just one wear! I'm back in the market for a pair of flat sandals that I can wear to work-- I liked the jazzed-up flip floppiness of these, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.
Thanks to Pocket Change for the shoutout!


FashionTheorist said...

I love that outfit! You look so adorably Jazz Age.

Kimberly said...

What an adorable hat! Love it and it pairs perfectly with your cream dress.

nic said...

I LOVE this hat!

Ashley Nicole said...

I LOVE your whole outfit! So pretty.


Chandra said...

The hat MAKES this outfit! I love it!

Modesty is Pretty said...

that hat is cute! One more thing I have to try, the dress over the skirt, I've seen a couple of girls at church wear their dresses over the skirts and it has never occurred to me to try it.

Imogen said...

Pretty outfit. I love the colour scheme and your hat is amazing. I can never get enough of florals.

allthisknavery said...

I agree with the other comments, you look so sweet and 20s inspired!! I really love it.


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