Your Slip is Showing

Or: Rosie the Riveter's got nothing on me. I wore this Friday while taking a walk, practicing my driving and going out for ice cream with hubs.You know, a hard day's work.
The list:
-hubs' graphic tee, Junkfood
-black cardigan, H&M
-maroon bubble skirt, Velvet
-black capri leggings, H7M
-black oxfords, CG
-braided metallic belt, Gap
-flower pendant necklace, vintage and DIY'd
-patterned scarf, vintage
This skirt is a little short, especially when I hike it up higher and belt it. Though I do believe in the power of black tights/leggings to cure all skirt mishaps, I decided to experiment with letting the lace edge of a slip show underneath, lengthening and adding a little saucy/sweet edge to the outfit. I have since been searching on ebay to find more lace slips, and when I checked my Reader after Shabbos saw that Anna from {have a cute day} wore the prettiest ruffled slip the other day. I am hardcore crushing on those ruffles... has anyone seen anything like that recently?
The scarf-as-wide-headband look I've been trying recently is inspired by an intern at work with impeccable taste. She always looks like she just stepped out of a pinup ad (with more clothing, of course. This isn't the Museum of Sex yknow.) I widened the headband from her usual skinny width to cover the whole top of my head, and tied it in a bow to secure.
Slip showing success? Or do I need to rethink this new look?


Emily Kennedy said...

This outfit is most adorably you. One of the unique things about your style is that downtown edge (black leggings, the muted palette, the worn-look graphic tee, the large watch) you mix with conservative choices (the peeking slip, pretty belt, knee-length skirt, the cardigan). I guess that's why it's prepsy, right?

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love how romantic the slip showing looks, however when I want to pull it off I feel self-conscious, especially if they tell me "your slip is showing" (like I don't know already!). I think you look cute with your slip showing. I find ruffled slips all the time at thrift stores and for much cheaper than regular stores, I love slips and wear them all the time, I'm so used to them that if I don't wear one I feel weird. It's always a good help if your skirt happens to blow up by the wind and then you don't flash anyone hehe.

Sydney said...

I love the way you mix the feminine and casual pieces in this outfit! I love the showing-your-slip look, I've tried it a few times and always feel a little self-conscious, but you pull it off wonderfully!

D'Rae said...

for awesome slips go here

you will be amazed! They are so pretty!

Apostolica said...

I've attempted the slip-showing thing several times, and I've always chickened out and changed before I left the house. I think I need slips with fancier, rufflier, pleatier hems so they look more like an intentional under-layer, and less like underwear. The one Anna from {have a cute day} wore is phenomenal! I am a fan of layering skirts/dresses with other skirts/dresses to lengthen the hemline a tad, but I just can't make the leap to slip-showage yet.

Plus, I really prefer to wear slips only with dresses as opposed to skirts, because my skirts are so "slidey aroundy" at the waist with a slip as opposed to contacting skin or a tucked-nonsilky layer. I only wear them with regular skirts if absolutely necessary for sheerness or clinginess reasons.

I do enjoy rocking the scarf-as-a headband look, though. I like how you took yours over the ears!

aFellowBarnardAlumna said...

Hi! Looking at your post reminded me of an online store that sells beautiful slips that are meant to be seen .

BBM said...

ummmm hello?!? can i have some of those long lashes please? ;-)

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