What a Stud

A first blog-wear of my newest pair of shoes. I think I am in love (sorry, hubs. They're turquoise and covered in gold studs. I'm sure you understand.)
Today I am wearing:
-white tee, Banana Republic
-navy cropped sweater jacket, H&M
-creme eyelet skirt, French Connection
-turquoise studded pumps, Jeffrey Campbell
-navy beret, Parkhurst
-creme scarf, bought on the street in Chinatown
Can you say perfect weather? Today was sunny and bright with a hint of a breeze. My light little sweater was just the right touch, and the scarf helped me inside the museum, which sometimes doubles as a huge walk-in refrigerator. 
I decided to take photos in my newly-discovered spot, smack in the median of a local busy street. As I mentioned before, there is a program to turn these areas, which sometimes attract a rather shady element, into green spaces. Today was the first day that the flowers were out in full bloom. It was rather beautiful.
Beware: Shoe photo overload to commence immediately.
And the rest of the details:
 Today's outfit combined what I'd usually consider a purely summer skirt with some warmer elements. It has me wondering:
How do you transition into spring?
Any tips for keeping cool and warm at the same time?


Emily Kennedy said...

Those shoes are AMAZING! So much fun and I love them with this outfit!

I think they're pumps, rather than flats though. That's one of the reasons I think they are so different and fun on you!

alltumbledown said...

good call, Emily! Sometimes I get so in my flats rut that I forget other shoe names exist!

Lisa said...

Awesome shoes! Are they comfy?

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love this outfit, it is totally awesome! Everything about it is perfect!

a la Modest said...

I'd be in love with your shoes too! That sweater and beret are a perfect combo. Lovely!

allthisknavery said...

I love this outfit! It's so perfect for spring. I pretty much do what you do in the shoulder seasons - layer and take off scarves/jackets as needed.


Tiffany* said...

Love this outfit! Those heels are gorgeous...how did I miss them! Also love the photo of the tulips at the end. Thats awesome that there are green spaces in the city! So happy I found your blog!
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BBM said...

i am in love too! u look radiant today love and shut it down with those stud muffin pumps! love it! have a great weekend sweetie!

Elaine said...

Oh, MAN. Your shoes are amazing. Seriously. And I don't even like studs. But I want these.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

misss_e said...

I am really digging the shoes...actually the whole ensemble is fabulous.

closet365 said...

This is goregous. I love the sharp contrasts of the navy and white. It looks so pulled-together and lovely. Love it.

Kimberly said...

Holy hot shoes - I love them!! Also, your sweater jacket is fantastic and the mix of navy and turquoise rocks!!

Diana said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

Destined For Now said...

Wow! I'm seriously in love with those shoes. Where did you get them?!

You have the greatest fashion sense. I love all of the hats that you wear. So cute!

alltumbledown said...

I got the shoes on mega discount from Century 21 (I think they were $50, if I remember correctly.) Since they've got a thick heel, they're pretty comfy, though I did of course travel with flats. Thanks for the sweet comments, all!

e. said...

pretty outfit! and great shoes, for sure.

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