Selling Papes

I'll admit it: I love Newsies. I mean, where else can you see Christian Bale singing and dancing while trying (and failing quite miserably) to speak in a Brooklyn accent? Today's outfit was actually inspired by the hat, which belonged to my grandfather, but I thought I passed quite well as a 14-year-old newspaper boy in 1920. Well, from the shoulders up at least.
Today I was wearing:
-green tee, Gap
-grey grandpa cardigan, Gap
-black jersey skirt, Old Navy
-leggings, H&M
-brown buckle flats
-green stone ring, F21
-green flower pin, Gap
-grey cap, Grandpa's
 As you can see, I had a little difficulty getting my feet into this shot. Whoops. Setting up my camera without a tripod (still! must.invest.in.one) can be challenging at times. Also sort of not pictured is my semi-side braid. Semi because my hair barely fits into a braid even with bobby pins, but I still like the look.
I have a crush on this pin. I wish I could wear it everyday. I think I need more large fluffy flowers in my life.
Today at work, one of the museum docents asked what kind of mineral my ring was made of. I replied "Plastic." Thanks, F21.


Kristin said...

Carrying the banner!! :-). Oh "Newsies", such an important and dear movie of my adolescence. The hat is adorable on you, and I love it with the citrusy greens. So fresh!

Modesty is Pretty said...

hahaha plastic! how funny. I love your grandpa's hat and yes it also reminded me of a newspaper boy. Once again you look lovely. =)

Ayelet said...

i like the featured bottle of bartenura

Mom said...

Grandpa would be proud!

Elaine said...

What a great hat!!! You're totally rocking it. and I love the touch of the flower on your cardi too!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

BBM said...

hey love! thanks so much for ure sweet comment in my lil blog .... i REALLY appreciate it. ure blog is supa cute and ure adorable and im lovin the flower pin detail! cant wait to catch up on ure posts!

love and blessings,

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