Playing Hooky

While walking to the post office yesterday, I discovered this turn-of-the-century (last) school. The detailing on the wrought iron fence was so lovely, I decided to take my photos here. I felt like a bad kid for loitering around outside, but I got the job done.
 I was wearing:
-pink and white striped button-down, Ralph Lauren Polo
-yellow cable knit sweater, J. Crew
-black cotton pencil skirt, American Apparel
-black diamond fishnets, Givency
-leopard t-straps, Richard Taylor
-black glasses necklace, H&M
-sunnies, H&M
-black scarf, Israel
 Ok, so I had to pop my foot to fit it in the frame...whoops. This outfit is my "spring" take on the classic button-down/cardigan/skirt. I've got all of those pieces here, but I also have stripes, diamond fishnets, leopard flats and a slightly wackily-tied headscarf to make it a little less prim and a little more fun. 
Above, my uber-nerd glasses necklace. I keep forgetting to bedazzle it somehow- I'm thinking rhinestones. Ideas on how to do that easily?

I tried to get a shot of the bow atop my scarf, but couldn't. Fail. At least you get to see the color of these sunglasses a little better here.


Lisa said...

Those shoes and tights are killer!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

You look so glamorous in that first photo! I love your nerdy glasses necklace, but I have no advice for quick and dirty bedazzlement.

Destined For Now said...

Love those leopard shoes!

D'Rae said...

You look absoultly adorable!

BBM said...

ummmm ... can i steal ure flats? please and thank you. ;-)

lovin the turban as well!

Mom said...

as Nora about bedazzlement- after all she IS an artist!!

Jen said...

yay for dotted tights and leopard t-strap flats! i have that exact same glasses necklace from f21 :)

e. said...

Love it!!! I love how you took what could have been a pretty basic outfit, and then paired it with all sorts of details. Those pink sunglasses are a amazing!

Memoirs of a (Pentecostal) Recessionista said...

I LOVE this outfit and your whole entire blog! I found you through Chandra's blog (MoMoMod), and love you already! We have a very similar style and I've noticed several of your pieces that I also own; aren't those silver ruffled Madden flats amazing? :)

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