Nifty Fifties

 This is the photo of a woman who just made popcorn for dinner. This is what happens when the hubs plays intramural softball and goes out with the boys afterward.
 Today I am wearing:
-printed dress, vintage
-lace cardigan, F21
-leggings, H&M
-suede peeptoes, Seychelles
-metallic braided belt, Gap
-brown beret, Parkhurst

I'm way more into the bottom half of this outfit than the top. I love the fifties vibe between the leggings, patterned skirt and peeptoes. Problem is, everytime I wear this dress, I have major strangleage issues -- it just keeps creeping higher and higher! I think it is high time dress and I took a trip to the tailor to deal with our problems.

 I'd like to welcome my toes back to the blog. Leggings are such a great compromise piece, allowing you to wear shoes without tights but still keeping warm.
And in case you were wondering, this is what happens when you try taking photos in a historic stairwell. I know, you were thinking about this five minutes ago.


Modesty is Pretty said...

haha! I acutally was wondering where you were and pop corn sounds okay...well maybe not! You have to feed yourself something else young lady! =) The dress is very nice and I liked it with the cardi and cinched belt. =)

Emily Kennedy said...

I'm always kind of surprised by what I do for dinner, or what I decide to watch on tv when my husband takes a rare night out. It's funny, eh?

This is an adorable look, definitely made more so by the shoes. Totally worth a trip to the tailor to get the issues worked out.

Kristin said...

I've definitely done the popcorn dinner before. It's not so bad, as long as it doesn't happen too often. Have you ever drizzled a tiny bit of truffle oil over popcorn? Oh MAMA! Heavenly!

Sorry to hear your dress tries to strangle you. I think definitely taming it is the way to go, it's a fantastic print!

orchidsinbuttonholes said...

The print on that dress is fantastic, and I love the look of the cropped leggings with it. Hooray for peep-toes (and peep-toe weather)!

Melanie said...

The belt+cardigan combo=heaven. love this!

Unravelled Threads

BBM said...

fifties was an amazing era ... i love this outfit and those peeps are adorable!

tastymoog said...

oh this is fabulous. beautiful print on the dress. great little blog you've got; i'll need to start following. thanks for commenting on mine, btw! :)

Destined For Now said...

What a cute outfit. I really love the print of your dress. The whole vibe is fun! Thank you for commenting on my post so I could find your blog.

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