Don't let's be silly. Now lemon, that's different.
(For some reason, I always hear the Mad Hatter in my head when I hear that word. And since I was wearing a hat, the video seems pretty appropriate.)

The list:
-purple dress, T by Tahari
-oatmeal flower cardigan, Free People
-nude patterned fishnets, Jessica Simpson
-maroon patent peeptoes, Franco Sarto
-gold and blue earrings, F21
-mustard beret, Target
Yesterday's outfit was an exploration in shrinkage. I accidentally threw this purple dress in the dryer the other night, and was kind of freaked out to discover it while folding laundry. When I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised- the fit is much better now than before! The skirt hits me right at the knee, as opposed to a few inches below, and the bodice is higher. Why didn't I think of shrinking it before? The cardigan is an oldie, purchased at some point in high school. It too has become cropped over time, but I thought the two played nicely together. It is made of a lovely dense material- some sort of plushy wool blend, I think, so it was perfect for this in-between weather we've been having lately in NY.
I think I may have a slight obsession with Forever 21's jewelry department. I'm wearing the 4th pair of F21 earrings in a row today.
And finally- I've been thinking of using some sort of tagline to end my posts.Though I try not to be too in-your-face about the ideology behind the way I dress, even newer readers are sure to notice that my style is shaped by a modesty code (Orthodox Jewish, to be specific.) How can I signal this without condensing my style into a set of religious practices/beliefs? This whole topic has been on my mind since I browsed my Google Webmaster tools last night and realized that modesty is not even a keyword on this blog, which means that women who are looking for examples of modest but fun dress can't find me through searches. Any thoughts?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on our recent guest post on turbans!

I think it's difficult to unpack all the issues surrounding religious beliefs and sartorial choices, and this is something I've been thinking about a lot lately and am still puzzling over. I love the creative and fun vibe that is so much a part of your style, and I look to your outfits for inspiration even though I'm not Orthodox. I can only imagine that there are others out there who would love to find your blog.

Emily Kennedy said...

I love the idea of adding a tagline or something. I did a wee bit of brainstorming. What about something like:

Mode by Code
Modest Mode
Flexible Modesty
Covered with an Open Heart
Observant Style

Y said...

Stay tznius, Forest Hills

Jen said...

i adore that little mustard beret on you and i definitely cracked up when i saw you linked the video clip from alice in wonderland. i love the mad hatter :)

a la Modest said...

I'm not sure how Blogger does it, but you should be able to include tags on each of your posts apart from tags on your entire blog. Having "modest" and "modesty" would do it. I am using Wordpress, and it is pulling up Google searches on people who type "modest + y".

Cute cardigan!

Modesty is Pretty said...

that was a funny video of"mustard" I had not seen it! or maybe it's been many many years since I saw the movie, I think that is it. You know I was actually glad to find your blog because you have such a great style and like you said there might be girls looking for modest style blogs and don't even know about your awesome blog. In fact for some reason I have not found that many modest style blogs so I was pretty excited when I found yours. =)

closet365 said...

I like the mustard. Cute cardigan too!

e. said...

I love that you had such style in high school to have bought that cardigan back then! This color combo is rally lovely too, and perfect for cool-weather spring. I don't have any advice about tagging, but I do hope you figure it out and open up your audience even more! I am not religious but I definitely appreciate your "modest but fun" style. You always add such great details to outfits too.

BBM said...

so when can i have ure cardigan collection pretty lady? love it and love the mix of colors in this outfit! xoxo!

Apostolica said...

I love this outfit--perfect level of coordinated colors without being matchy-matchy.

I appreciate that you're trying to make your blog easier to find by those searching for modesty-related content. I have googled all sorts of combinations of "modest" "clothes" "fashion" and the like hunting for blogs like yours. I really love the fact that people with a wide variety of religious backgrounds and motivations for dressing modestly can share their convictions and their personal styles with the world!

Imogen said...

I love your blog so pleased I've found it now after you left me a comment. I really like your style and they way you put together an outfit. I like your beret because mustard is a lovely shade of yellow and it goes well with the colour of your dress. I love your cardigan, so sweet and I like the pattern.

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