Flowers and Stripes

 I vacillated between loving this outfit and worrying that I looked foolish. Then, while sitting next to a woman wearing head to toe red leather on the subway, I stopped caring. Seriously, I couldn't hold a candle to her ridiculous outfit with my slight clash of patterns and colors. Nothing like some good old sartorial schadenfreude to make it all better.
 Today I am wearing:
-maroon and grey striped tee, C &C California
(promise I wore it on Friday only for a few hours. And that it is now in the laundry basket.)
-flowered dress, H&M
-shooties, DKNY
-brown belt, H&M
-necklace, vintage pendant hung on striped ribbon
-fuschia fuzzy hat, H&M
 The inspiration for today's look came from this photo from Lucky, which I saw via Kimberly's original take in March.

How funny that I decided to replicate it on the exact day she did? While Kimberly went for the sheath dress, I focused on the floral aspect (perhaps because my only sheath dress is a heavy wool.)
 This dress, as I've said before, is a favorite. After putting it all together, however, I was a bit dissatisfied with the way the fluttery sleeves hung down over the stripes, muddling the look for which I was aiming. Somehow, I came up with the idea of rolling the sleeves and safety pinning them under to create straps, and it actually worked! I wish I had a picture of the sleeves unfurled, but I was actually so happy with the look that I decided to keep it until I decide if I'd like to get the dress altered permanently. Decisions, decisions.

And hello to my new friends and followers. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and as always, feel free to ask anything!


e. said...

What a fun mix of patterns! Sometimes (like when I choose to wear bright blue tights to work) I wonder if I look a little nutty, but then I remember that for me fashion is for fun and expression. :) I don't have many florals in my wardrobe, but I do like the mix of them with the more masculine stripes. And great shoes too!

Modesty is Pretty said...

I actually like this outfit very much and do not think it looks foolish at all. I really liked how you worked out the whole sleeve thing you can't even tell! =)

BBM said...

i seriously love this outfit and love ure take on it! cute belts and brogues! u look adorable!

Kimberly said...

I am loving this! Your dress is gorgeous and I am all about florals and stripes!

Lorena said...

Your pendant just took my breath away... what a great piece.

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