Mellow Yellow

Piloting the new tour tomorrow meant a lot of revision today. Had an excellent class and then dinner with my girls from college (for 4 hours. Love you muchly.)
Today I am wearing:
-white tunic, Lux (UO)
-yellow cardigan, Paper Denim & Cloth
-jean skirt, Old Navy
-footless tights
-black oxfords, C G
-yellow printed scarf, vintage
-locket, UO
-corduroy cap, Gap
I do not oversleep, as a general rule. Today was the exception-- I woke up with less than half an hour until I needed to leave the house, which is considerably less time than I usually need to wake up and get going. This outfit came together pretty quickly, and while simple, I loved wearing the fluttery scarf and tunic together. I find that I tend to go with basics and monochromatic schemes in a pinch.

What do you wear when you're short on time?


Sidewalk Chalk said...

Love your oxfords and your sunny outfit. Your photos at work have been really great.

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Kristin said...

Oh, those shoes! Yes, I did actually say,"ooooooo!" when I got to the picture. I love them with the footless tights!

Bird on Your Shirt

Kimberly said...

Love that scarf! Reminds me of the sun which I haven't seen in soooooooooo long!

Elaine said...

I officially need more yellow in my closet. Or more sun. lol!

I'm loving your shoes! those are so amazing..


SDR: said...

Ahem. I believe you meant, "I had dinner with my girls from college, minus the awesome one who lives in Florida."

Emily Kennedy said...

I love tunics right now. Also, I wish I had your ankles.

When I'm pressed for time... shoot, I just end up late usually. That's lame, right?

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