Dijon Mustard

After a long day of napping instead of learning new words for the GRE, I finally got dressed. A new hat and shoes are always good motivators to get ready to face the world.
Today I am wearing:
-white henley, Stephanie B
-yellow cardi, Paper Denim & Cloth
-black pencil skirt, American Apparel
-black tights
-argyle shoes, Chinese Laundry
-patterned scarf, vintage
-mustard wool beret, Target

This outfit was built around the shoes, which I bought on Friday. I promised hubs that I'd hold out until February, but these were on major sale, purchased for only $17 (including tax!) And it will be Feb. on Monday, so I didn't feel too bad about cheating. The hat was another steal, purchased for only $3.24. I have it in black, and was so excited to see it in this fantastic mustard color for less than the original! I scooped it up immediately.

Love the scarf, with its fun pattern and bright colors. One day I'll do a post on buying/wearing vintage scarves, since I have probably close to 60 and wear them constantly. The only thing I can't help with is storage, since I haven't quite figured that one out yet. Anyone have a better idea than keeping them in a plastic storage box? Let me know.


Emily Kennedy said...


OK, I was wondering when I read new... But I didn't realize that your ban ends in February. Friday mostly counts as February. January was too long this year anyway. :D

A mustard cap (on sale no less) is perfect for you, and the shoes are super-adorable.

I hope someone else answers the scarf storage question, because I keep mine in a bin, and the heavy knits and large pashminas crowd out the small ones.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I really love the colors in this outfit. The scarf, beret, and shoes --- perfect!

Good luck with studying for the GRE!

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Kristin said...

Tres chic! I love the mustard hat on you, and paired with so much other great color in the scarf, cardi, and shoes it's just sunny and adorable!


e. said...

Those argyle shoes are so cute! I do love how you mix prints too--I used to only be interested in wearing solid scarves, but lately printed ones have been catching my eye. I'm thinking that there are probably zillions of vintage (and affordable) ones on Etsy...when I have some time off this week I'm going to delve into that search. :)

Good luck with the GRE!

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