Snow Bunny

Remember when a forecast of a foot of snow meant a day off from school? Somehow I forget that all it means now is a difficult commute and tracking dirty water inside. Despite the weather, we still had a nice amount of visitors at the museum, which made opening on such a crummy day totally worth it.

Today I am wearing:
-white tee, Rebecca Beeson
-camel cashmere sweater, August Silk
-black pleated corduroy skirt, H&M
-black tights
-pewter Uggs
-DIY'd Roman glass necklace
-fuschia fuzzy beret, H&M

Unfortunately a stomach virus had me down for the count for much of the weekend, and today's foot+ of snow didn't inspire much creativity in my outfit. I layered the long sleeved tee under the sweater for warmth and contrast, and stuck with the Uggs for absolute comfort while trudging through the snow at 9:30 to get to the museum's front door. Hopefully I'll be back on track tomorrow with something slightly more exciting for y'all. Until then, goodnight.


Emily Kennedy said...

Well, the important thing is: you found something to wear! No, kidding, it's just, you look great, and not as boring as maybe it feels.

Sara said...

I hope you're feeling better! I love the different sleeve lengths - such a fun and eye-catching detail. The snow was pretty watch fall, wasn't it? Now, it's just a bother getting around! Hope you're having a good Monday!

nc2220 said...

Thanks, I am feeling much better now. Sometimes it takes longer to fins something boring like this to wear than a super-special outfit, which I'll never understand. And I think even better than watching it snow is being inside on the day-after-snowday!

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