Making a Statement

Whew! A day packed with meetings... most of them interesting. Dinner with my sister at my mother's house, and a sleepover! We're off to watch Terminator 4.

Today I am wearing:
-flowered tee, Bulldog
-grey sweater, Gap
-grey skirt, Chace
-silver tights, Me Moi
-metallic belt, Gap
-grey patent loafers, Calvin Klein
-blue statement necklace, ? from Lohemann's
-diamond bezel necklace, gift from Dad
-grey hat, Anthropologie

A bit of a random hodgepodge of items going on here, but I think it all worked out. I love the pattern on this shirt, which I practically wore every single day this summer after purchasing it and the striped  one on sale for $15 (total.) I have been into billowy shirts and fitted waists recently, and I decided to try it out, and was really happy with the result. After putting it on, I realized that the color worked really well with my statement necklace:

I added the belt and shoes, and voila! Grey, blue, and lots of metallic. I especially like the tights, which add a great texture and shine.



Anonymous said...
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La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love this outfit! The necklace and that print were made for each other. I hope that you had a great time at your sleepover!

alie said...

do you need to correct the post to say that we actually watched the hangover not terminator 4...just sayin...
yay for sleepovers!!! see you this afternoon!!!

Emily Kennedy said...

Waaay cute! The bits of orange and green make the blue and gray so much more interesting!

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