A Walking We Went

I managed to snap some Friday evening shots again before running out. Two weeks in a row, hope I can keep this up!

Last night I wore:
-lavender sheer shirt, H&M
-black cardigan,
-grey velvet skirt, Elevenses
-black tights
-black oxford flats, C&G
-black wool beret, Target
-black and white necklace, Loehmann's

A classic outfit for me, combining a sheer shirt, slightly high-waisted shirt, cardigan and flats. I would have loved this with heels, but we were eating about 1.5 miles away and walking home, so comfort reigned supreme.

I liked how the grey and lavender played off eachother, and the grounding lent to the outfit by the black. Pretty basic, but that is what happens when you get dressed in a hurry!


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