New Heights

I have quite a few pairs of heels that sit in my closet, waiting for an occasion to be worn. I usually let them see the light of day only at synagogue or fancy functions, but with my new mantra I've decided that if I have them I should be wearing them far more often. Today I went with one of my favorite pairs, and built yet another weather-ambiguous outfit around them. But unfortunately, I forgot to upload the picture of the shoes before I left for work!

I am wearing:
-black Lulu Guiness peep toe pumps
-creme Jcrew corduroy skirt
-dark grey/black patterned Cynthia Steffe button down 
-yellow Jcrew cable knit sweater
-black Parkhurst beret
-pearl ring, black cameo pin

Closer up of shirt, pin, Marx and Freud finger puppets I bought for birthday present yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!


Y said...

I love the finger puppets! M'eifoh?

Rachel said...

Close up of the shoes?

bsa2102 said...


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